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Kleo Digital Reviews

You’ve reached Kleo Digital’s Reviews page, where you can read real comments from happy customers. We’re proud to be a top digital marketing company that gets great results for companies of all kinds. Customer reviews show how dedicated, knowledgeable, and custom solutions we are. When you pick Kleo Digital as your partner, they will do everything they can to help you succeed. Please read our reviews to find out how we’ve made businesses successful in the digital world. Get in touch with us right away to talk about your specific wants and goals if you’re ready to improve your online presence.

Shamik Biswas

This company is one of the most innovative and at the moment has great minds behind all its services in the market. We are expecting many more success stories in the future. Their creativity is of some different level. Congratulations.



Julian Knott

Taking over an existing project, Kleo Digital managed to turn around the development of a client site with professionalism, technical acuity, and timeliness. As a designer, who values the ability to take a carefully crafted design and translate it into a fully functioning website, Kleo Digital succeeded on all fronts.



Rachael Evans

Rob and the team have been looking after our business’s SEO and social media side for a few months now.  We are really happy with their work; they have made a massive difference to our online presence, which has dramatically increased our leads. Rob has kept us informed every step of the way, as promised.  We are so impressed with their work that we have just agreed with Kleo Digital to build and design a new website for us. Thank you for all your hard work!



R Gray – CAP City Dental

I have been recently working with the Kleo Digital team to develop a new website for an established City-based dental practice in London. I was very impressed by all the team members’ high level of skills, professionalism, timely communications and excellent customer care. The website relaunch was a total success, and we are looking forward to working with the Kleo Digital team on future projects.




Fantastic service and a great team. Kleo Digital has been fantastic throughout the process, understanding all the requirements. If you are looking for experts and a great service, Kleo Digital is the one!