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An SEO agency’s primary purpose is to carry out search engine optimisation on a website to help its customers achieve the highest rankings possible for each chosen search phrase so that the customer is found in search results for these phrases thereby increasing the traffic and sales from the website.

Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click), the company appears in the search engines on an organic, natural listing basis without paying the search engine to appear in the search results.

The great thing about SEO is that your business will appear in search results for a much broader range of phrases than you would generally do when using PPC. However, whereas PPC and paid-for advertising will get you pretty much instant results in generating visitors to your website and sales, SEO is a slower, longer-term strategy and typically takes two or more months before you start to see real results. The great thing with SEO is that you will continue to appear in search results for some time afterward whereas, with PPC, your ads will disappear the moment you turn them off.

What is the right strategy for your business? We would be happy to discuss this with you.