Building brand loyalty and connections

Social Posting

What’s a social media profile if it’s not updated regularly? Take care on growing your business and pass your profile management to the experts. Using professional tools such as Canva and SEMRush, we build and maintain your brands image.

Interacting and outreach

We all like to be heard and listened to. Under our social media packages, we increase follower interaction, outreach and more, through targeted campaigns on several social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Blog posts

Blogs can sometimes be underestimated. If you’ve got a following that are interested in your thoughts and services, our expert copywriters write creative blogs around topics of interest – increasing traction, interest and click-throughs to your website.

Social Advertising

It’s not just organic social media we cover. We understand the social ropes and know that some clients may need a oomph of paid advertising for their marketing campaigns. We manage paid advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach those that may not yet know of you and your business.

Bespoke Packages for you
  • Be seen as the social expert in your field
  • Plans tailored to your budget and strategy
  • Untap a market you may not have touched
  • You're in expert hands!

How does social media management work?


Working with the client, we uncover their aims, objectives and desirable outcomes from their social media campaigns. So we can align paths, both parties come together to build some objectives that will enhance impressions, following, visitors, leads and sales.

The Research

A little research never hurt anyone! We like to keep on top of the competition. Using industry leading tools, we are able to research competitors, outreach potential and more.


Once we’ve collated the findings and objectives for your social media campaign, we work together to build a solid strategy that will work for you and your business. Dependant on your budget, the campaign can be scaled on each platform – utilising your budget as best as we can.


A professional touch works wonder for your brand. Using programmes like Canva, we create high on-brand creatives to use. Font, colours, logos and professional captions that encourage your followers to take action.


This is where the fun begins! We dive into the profiles and get rolling. Our digital marketing experts start developing your campaign from the objectives and strategies agreed and continue working the magic to increase your social media presence.


Its not just social media management we complete for our clients. We also carry out targeted ad campaigns, where it can enhance the exposure for your business. Facebook & Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads are amongst our portfolio.

I'm interested. What can social media do for me?
  • Engage directly with customers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Promote new services & products
  • Build an audience
  • Helping your audience with their buying decisions

Creative content with tangible results.

Establish your business as a recognisable brand in the digital space with a consistent flow of engaging content.

While you focus on growing your business, we’ll be busy growing your followers with daily management of your key social channels.

Instagram is snap central of social. Using Canva, we create full brand templates to keep your profile on top form, building brand loyalty.

Instagram Management

Stay front of mind to the people that matter.

There’s nothing off-the-shelf here.

Kleo Digital offers bespoke social media solutions that build brand loyalty with your target audience through thought-provoking content and authentic interaction.

LinkedIn is the corporate capital. Let us knock on profile doors of prospect customers, and keep your following up-to-date on recent activities.

LinkedIn Management

Specialists in social media.

We draw on deep sector expertise to devise social strategies that drive up demand.

Using Facebook, we actively post on-brand updates - whilst you focus on the business aspects. Keeping your followers informed of recent works, news and competitions you may be running.

Facebook Management

"Rob and the team have been looking after the SEO and social media side of our business for a few months now. We are really happy with the work they are doing, they have made a massive difference to our online presence which in turn has dramatically increased our leads. We are so impressed with the work they've done for us. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Rachael Evans / Zeal Services

Reach the unreachable. Your partner in social media
  • Facebook Business Page & Ad Account specialists
  • Instagram Outreach & Updates
  • Corporate LinkedIn contacts
  • Utilising each platform for the best strategy
Become your industry expert

It's time to share your story

Whether you need some helping hands, creative ideas or hear it from the experts, we are here to help you gain momentum on social media.

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Is Social Media right for me?

Social media can work for both B2B and B2C angles. Whether you’re targeting local customers who need your services, keeping customers up-to-date on new products and features for your business…. or simply wanting to reach out to corporate connections for new business opportunities, we know how to utilise each platform for these particular benefits.

Not all social media channels will be right for your business, but we are more than happy to discuss the ones that can really elevate your business.

Once you let us know you’d like to discuss your social media, we’ll get on discussing where your business is at, where you think you may want to improve, some of your objectives and putting together with our knowledge, will create the perfect plan to utilise social media to your advantage.

We aim to substantially increase your turnover and profitability from an efficient optimised website and digital marketing plan that reaches the correct audience. Trust and credibility with carefully planned marketing, advertising and social media activity is how your business will outweigh the competition!

Sometimes too frequent, can be too frequent. Whilst other times very little is not enough.

Working out a strategy with you, our packages are tailored and factor in how many followers you have, how regular you want to update customers, how fast your business is changing, and more, to find the perfect combination that works for you, your business and your budget.

Social media is forever changing and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Let the experts who work on it day-in and day-out help you exceed your social goals! Our social media knowledge spans across many platforms, but includes:

Facebook – social media management and paid ads

Instagram – social media management and paid ads

LinkedIn – social media management and paid ads

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