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Kleo Digital: The Premier SEO Services Agency in the UK

Your Premier SEO Services Partner in the UK. Our proven track record highlights our commitment to delivering the highest ROI for clients through tailored search engine optimisation strategies. Benefit from personalised SEO plans, our skilled team’s expertise, and outstanding outcomes. Our unwavering dedication ensures a remarkable 3 to 20 times ROI on your investment with us. Experience excellence in SEO services in the UK with Kleo Digital.

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Empower Your Growth: Unleash Visitors, Sales, and ROI with Our SEO Platform

Fuel Your Business’s Consistent, Long-Term Growth with Proven Search Engine Optimisation. Our tailored packages drive influential rankings on Google for your chosen key phrases. We deploy and adapt advanced SEO techniques, constantly measured and refined for optimal results. Reach us at 0117 428 6812 or request a proposal for a strategic boost.


Kleo Digital: SEO Services in UK

We’re thrilled to work with your business to create tailored SEO strategies to enhance your online presence. Our outstanding services include a range of personalised vital components to meet your specific needs. Take a look at the following packages to find out more, and get ready to thrive!


Skyrocket Your Traffic and Convert it into Exceptional ROI

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a powerful method to drive targeted website traffic and enhance prospective customers’ visibility. Improving your website’s search engine compatibility, you’ll witness a surge in leads and traffic, ultimately translating into heightened sales.

Pricing plans

Achieve More with Our SEO Growth Plan

Every business is distinct, facing competitive landscapes that call for a custom-built framework tailored precisely to your unique requirements, current status, and future aspirations. While our outlined packages may align with your needs, many businesses benefit from a personalized approach. We excel in creating custom plans that comprehensively address your specific goals and aspirations.

  • Silver plan
    • Up to 10 Key Search phrases optimised
    • 10 pages search optimised per month
    • Creation of 4 content, UX or CRO changes per quarter
    • Set up and management of dashboard for calls, leads and revenue tracking
  • Gold planPopular plan
    • Up to 25 Key Search phrases optimised
    • 20 pages search optimised per month
    • Creation of 8 content, UX or CRO changes per quarter
    • Set up and management of dashboard for calls, leads and revenue tracking
  • Platinum plan
    • 50+ Key Search phrases optimised
    • 30 pages search optimised per month
    • Creation of 12 content, UX or CRO changes per quarter
    • Set up and management of dashboard for calls, leads and revenue tracking

Our SEO Process

Our SEO services are designed to give your business an edge in search engine rankings. We offer a comprehensive approach to get you the best results – from optimising titles and meta descriptions to researching and using relevant keywords, to building backlinks that strengthen the authority of your website. In a matter of months, you will begin to see significant improvements organically to traffic to your website.

Our services are offered with the highest level of customer service and personal attention so that you can have the confidence that our team is working diligently on optimising your business website. Reach out and let’s discuss how we can get your site to skyrocket in popularity!

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for any successful online marketing strategy, especially SEO. With the right type of keyword research, your company can better understand how to reach its target audience and use language that resonates with them. This helps optimise your content and persuades potential customers or clients that you truly get their needs – which leads to phone calls, store visits, purchases and more! It’s a great way for your business to successfully promote its services or products.

Kleo Digital understands the importance of keyword research, a process that focuses on finding and analysing search terms entered into search engines. This targeted data allows businesses to understand their industry's competition as well as identify profitable keywords to use in title tags, content, and beyond. Ranking highly for these keywords then helps drive more traffic to your site resulting in increased customer conversions - an essential piece of any successful marketing strategy!

Content Creation

Your website is often a user’s first impression of your business, making it important to provide them with up-to-date content that accurately conveys the value of your product or service. With our help, you can create engaging, informative content tailored to guide visitors down the sales funnel for maximum impact. We’ll work with you to craft topics that speak directly to the needs and interests of your audience and boast professional copy along with quality content optimised for search rankings. Our goal is to take the stress out of content creation so you can focus on what matters most– growing your business.

Content creation is at the heart of every successful digital marketing strategy. Through effective keyword research, you can identify powerful content ideas which will be beneficial to your business and audience alike - whether online or offline. From blog posts to comprehensive guides, there's an array of types available for targeting each stage in a buyer’s funnel – such as product pages and long-form pieces on service offerings. With proper on-page optimisation strategies driving these efforts forward, companies are able to maximise reach while still converting prospects into more loyal customers over time. Start your journey today with Kleo!


Our SEO optimisation services go beyond simply driving relevant and qualified search traffic to your site. We use conversion path analysis, create effective calls-to-action, and track the ROI of our efforts—all with the goal of helping your business to continually increase its revenue from SEO marketing. With our approach, we test every element of SEO marketing to ensure that your business can maximise its potential. We can’t wait to get you on the road to success!


We know how important it is for your website to be seen in the modern digital world. That’s why our team makes changes both major and minor to help Google understand you better. Our range of services includes everything from IA (information architecture) to UX (user experience), so no matter your brand focus, we have it covered. We’ll make sure your website is up-to-date and ready for taking on new challenges. Your site will finally become the valuable asset it was always meant to be!


When you are trying to get your website noticed, link building through directory submissions can take your SEO effort to a whole new level. Directory submission allows for your website link to be placed in an appropriate category, letting Google index it and helping you build your organic search rankings effectively. The best part is that this method rarely takes up lots of resources and could give high value SEO with minimal efforts. If done properly, directory submission can help boost your website’s visibility like never before!

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