£30,000 revenue made for our recent ecommerce client - within 5 months!

Struggling to measure the ROI of your product catalogue?

Kleo’s eCommerce PIM services offer a smarter solution. With our platform, you can easily monitor and sync performance across multiple channels—from search engines to social media. Track activity in real-time for quick data-driven decisions on how best to market your products!

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Unlock your Ecommerce potential

Make data-driven decisions with eCommerce PIM – gain insights into product marketing strategies, ROI tracking, and measurement, which channels to invest in, where your products should be sold, and prioritise promotions – all without multiple analytics programs or reports!

Our platform allows real-time synchronisation of return on investment data from one central source. Improve your catalogue’s value by using our powerful tools today!

Why should I choose Kleo Digital to help with PIM?

  • Searches
  • Socials
  • Emails
  • And more!

Simplify measuring your product catalogue’s performance across channels like:

Determine your top channels (and platforms) for driving revenue

Measure a product's ROI, and find out your top earners and platforms for generating income.

Inform your product marketing strategies with data

Make informed decisions with the data PIM instead of taking risks.

Simplify your ROI tracking and measuring

E-commerce PIM also allows your business to simplify its process for tracking and calculating ROI.

Increase your product catalogue’s ROI

When you know which channels, platforms, and products generate the most revenue for your business and make informed decisions

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