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This depends upon whether it is an SEO company where its target audiences are local to you, national, or you are an ecommerce-based business. Also, each agency will operate differently, with varying standards and budgets to work with.

To help you, we have put together the following broad outline to help you understand what an SEO agency does and what you need to ask when looking for the right agency:

  • Analysis of your current position in terms of your website, chosen search phrases, and target audiences
  • Discovery of your goals and objectives as a business
  • What is your current overall marketing strategy?
  • What digital marketing are you currently doing and what are the results?
  • Are you targeting the right search phrases?
  • What are the actual phrases used by your target audiences?
  • What are the search volumes associated with each intended search phrase?
  • How is your website currently ranked against these phrases?
  • What results should you reasonably get for each level of the SEO budget?