£30,000 revenue made for our recent ecommerce client - within 5 months!

Cccount-based marketing (ABM) services

Our bespoke strategies open up growth opportunities, from increased hiring capabilities to expansion into new areas. With our acclaimed account-based marketing (ABM) services, you can reach those vital high-value accounts with customised campaigns tailored specifically for them — eliminating risk and streamlining your sales process while yielding tangible results!

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Well crafted and more efficient sales process

ABM is a marketing plan in which you target a set of qualified, high-value accounts with campaigns tailored to all your needs and preferences. This approach makes your marketing and sales processes more efficient, and the crafted customer experiences increase satisfaction and loyalty.


The benefits include:

  • The benefits include:
  • Less risk
  • Higher efficiency
  • Synchronisation between sales and marketing
  • More leads, sales and customer satisfaction
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Features of Kleo’s Marketing Automation include:

  • Strategy development- planning your next moves so you can put your best foot forward
  • Competitor evaluation- assessing your competition to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and how 
  • Account profiling- analysing different businesses to see who’s the best fit for potential partnership or investment 
  • And so much more!